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Mobile Monday Pictures

The word was DREAM.

Which picture do you think captures the spirit of the word dream?

Which photo displays the ability to use imagination?

Mrs. Pellegrino

Mrs. Rogers

Ms. Eovine

Paul Vallerand

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Mobile Monday

Starting January 18 we will begin a Monthly contest open to all

students, teachers, staff members  and administrators.

The first  Monday of each  Month an assignment  will be given

 to take a photo using your mobile phone.

Assignments will  help you see the world around you in a different way. It

will definitely force you to observe, rethink and imagine . 

The ordinary everyday item will become the extraordinary.

Good luck! I cannot wait to see the results.

Photos must be sent to phillips@burlington.mec.edu

by the second  Tuesday of theMonth.

This week I will  give you a few extra days to capture a great image.

This Monday we will  celebrate Martin Luther King Day, so in the spirit of

Mr. King’s famous speech the topic is Dream.

Photos are due January 26.

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