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Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2015

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have existed since 1923 and the contest affords students across the country the opportunity to be recognized for their talents.  Notable winners of these prestigious awards include Andy Warhol, Sylvia Plath, and Robert Redford.  Judges look for originality, technical skill, and development of a personal voice and/or vision.  At the regional level, students are selected  to receive the Gold Key, the Silver Key, or Honorable Mention.  Additionally, each state nominates five selected Gold Key level awards as American Visions & Voices Nominees to be further judged with the hope of achieving the distinction of “Best of Show”.


At the national level, regional Gold Key works will advance to be judged for gold or silver medals.   Last year, Marshall Simonds was honored to have Benny Grubner’s work receive a National Gold Medal and his work was also selected to travel throughout the country in the national exhibit,  Art Now.

The 2015 MSMS award winners were selected from more 16,000 pieces of art and writing submitted to the Massachusetts Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards!



Grade 8 Awards

Jordan Casaubon (photography), Gold Key and American Visions nominee

Olivia Virgin (photography) Gold Key

Emily Marquis (photography), Silver Key

Ashley Koman (photography), Honorable Mention

Neil Pandit (photography), Honorable Mention


Grade 7 Awards

Sydney Craig (photography), TWO Silver Keys

Madison Green (photography), Silver Key

Analicia Padilla (photography), Silver Key

Writing (see links to their individual pieces of writing)

Grade 8 Awards

Neil Pandit (journalism), Silver Key

Kristina Wolinski (poetry), Honorable Mention

Grade 7 Awards

Dilan Churchill (poetry), Silver Key

Aurora Golden (poetry), Silver Key


Niti Seereeram (poetry), Honorable Mention

Luis Villalta (sci fi/fantasy), Honorable Mention


Congratulations to all the winners!

Olivia Virgin

Olivia Virgin

Sydney Craig

Sydney Craig

Analicia_Padilla_photography copy

Analicia Padilla

Madison Green

Madison Green

Sydney Craig

Sydney Craig

Neil Pandit

Neil Pandit

Ashley Koman

Ashley Koman

Emily Marquis

Emily Marquis

Jordan Casaubon

Jordan Casaubon




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Congratulations to Jordan Casaubon, Emily Marquis and Julia Feist for having their photographs published in the Marble Collection Magazine Winter 2015 Edition. The Massachusetts High School Magazine of the Arts is the only statewide print and online magazine of the arts, featuring jury-selected artwork, photography, spoken word, poetry, and writing by students in grades 8 to 12.  The Marble Collection’s mission is to cultivate creativity and excellence in the arts by engaging teen artists and writers in a publication process that affirms their voices and deepens learning.  They also offer one-to-one  eMentoring workshops, in which published teens are paired with college-level mentors, who guide their work to publication for real-world audiences.     TMC is primarily a non-profit publication featuring high school level work, so once again, it is amazing that MSMS has been well-represented with published work.


Caneman by Emily Marquis, Gr. 8


Portrait of Eva by Julia Feist, Gr. 8


I Love Books by Julia Feist, Gr. 8


Sprinkle Lips by Julia Feist, Gr. 8


Train Ride, Jordan Casaubon, Gr. 8

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Practice What You Teach


The snow piles from Blizzard 2015 did not deter us from photographing Amy Poehler as she paraded through Harvard Square last Thursday, receiving her Hasty Pudding Pot Award.  As we so often encourage our photo students to get out and shoot events, we felt the need to heed our own advice.  After a regularly scheduled school day, teachers often just want to retreat home and relax.  As I watched Mrs. Rogers hurdle over and step into 5-foot high snowbanks to capture a shot, I knew we made the right choice to photograph this event!

The actual parade lasted only minutes, but the sights and people on the street reveal images telling the true story.  It was exciting to be around young adults so energized, cheering on someone who once roamed the halls of MSMS and Burlington High, who now walks the red carpet.

Congratulations to Amy on being the 2015 Hasty Pudding Pot recipient!

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Standardizing NFL Logo


The NFL may have stifled creativity when they decide to standardized the logo starting

with the  2010 Super Bowl, but my 6th, 7th and 8th grade students have been busy designing

some amazing logos for this year’s Super Bowl championship.


Students were asked to predict the winning team and design a logo with the words Super bowl Champs or Champions, the Roman numerals XLIX, and the team’s branding.

The designs created showed individual elements of creativity and craftsmanship.


After reviewing all the designs, a privileged group of teachers and staff selected the winner of the 2015 MSMS-NFL Super Bowl Logo contest.  The decision was very

difficult due to the many amazing designs.  Congratulations to the New England Patriots Superbowl XLIV Champions and to log designer Sophia Lupo.



Here is a look at some of the very  close runner ups!





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