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Another Reason to Love Photography!

See what happens when strangers are asked to pose in a photograph together in NYC.

Photographer Richard Renaldi approaches random people he meets on New York City’s streets and asks them to pose in photos together as if they actually knew each other. Despite the fact that these people are requested to show a brief, fake sign of affection to each other, what the photographs reflect is unbelievable. Take a second to watch this 2-minute video and the results will amaze you.

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Marble Collection Outstanding Educator Award

Marble Collection Release Gala

“Spring into Art”

A few weeks ago, I received an email from The Marble Collection director, Deanna Elliot, notifying me that Ms. Rogers and I had been selected to receive the Outstanding Educator Award for their high school magazine.  Naturally, I figured this was something that everyone who participated received, prompting Ms. Rogers to call TMC to verify!  Needless to say, it’s a legitimate honor, and we are very excited to accept this award on May 15th at the Harbor Gallery at UMass Boston.

This distinction would not have been possible without the great work submitted by our photo club, summer photo camp, and/or BEAM students.  This magazine offers a fantastic opportunity for students to have their work critiqued and published outside of school.  The Fall 2015 issue of TMC published thirteen MSMS works in total.  Students are overwhelmed with joy when notified that their work has been selected for exhibit.  Students sometimes face rejection upon submitting a piece, which we view as just as valuable a learning experience.  

The Spring 2016 edition of The Marble Collection includes another four MSMS students, with one of our own featured on the front cover!


Marble Collection Gala  (1)-2Marble Collection Gala  (1)-3



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