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Sharing Diversity Through Photography

Photographs are an excellent medium for sharing the important message of respecting and understanding diversity in our society.  Yesterday Ms. Rogers and I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Edgar B. Davis K-8 school in Brockton, greeted by their very enthusiastic Principal, Diane Campbell, along with her eager staff and students.

The project’s theme “We All Smile in the Same Language” was taken from a message our own MSMS Principal, Richard Connors, provided in his back-to-school message in August.  It was our goal for the photographs is to show a sense of human connectedness through a simple smile. The images invite the viewer to engage, identify & share cultural experiences. We are working with the images to assist the Edgar B. Davis school to visually share their rich cultural diversity.

A special thanks to all the students who shared their great traditions and amazing smiles!




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Annual Arts Advocacy Day

Today is the 30th annual Arts Advocacy Day. It is designed to showcase the powerful effects of creative communities and the importance of strong public policies supporting arts and culture.This year the campaign will focus on the strong connections between arts and communities.

The Arts help us to  express our values and build bridges between cultural difference, a theme we have been working on expanding  this school  year.


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