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“March Madness Turns To Art Madness”

The Madness of March is here! This year during March Madness students in art class  selected their favorite Celtic player to paint. The large mural is made up of 5 canvases. Everyday for the next 2 weeks students in all my classes will be  selected to work on the mural. The goal is to complete  the painting during the Month of  March.  Let’s hope the snow does not interfere with this goal!  As you can see we are off to a great start!


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Beautiful Life

Yesterday we had an amazing day in Photography Activity Block! Ms. Rogers and I invited Mrs. Devine and 3 of her close friends to help us prepare for a photo project we are  about to undertake  with our photo students. The requirement for the project is simple, you must be 75 years  and older. Mrs. Devine just squeaked by turning 75 today, Happy Birthday. Our guests ranged  in age from 75 to 93. They certainly did not look a day over 65!  Thank you ladies for your time and good spirit!   The photos the students were able to capture in a short time were amazing.

Cannot wait to visit the Burlington Housing Authority next week. More photos to follow.


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