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Michela G.

Hard work and dedication pays off! Michela is an 8th grade student in my photography Activity Block who shared her desire to draw a self portrait. With the help of her classmate Navya, the composition for the drawing was created during photo club. Michela spent almost 4 months working on her drawing during Activity Block, after school, and anytime she could manage during the day, with the goal of finishing her portrait for our annual Open House.

During her busy middles school day, Michela has also completed a painting for the Stellwagen Bank art contest and photographs for our Beautiful Life photography project. Her patience and dedication to detail is evident in her drawing, painting and photography.¬† Open House visitors commented on the sophistication of Michela’s work, many disbelieving it could be done by a middle school student!





self-portrait details



Acrylic on Canvas for Stellwagen Bank


DSC_0657FF (1)

Beautiful Life Portrait of Jane

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