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Scholastic Art awards

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Announced! 

Congratulations to the following MSMS students who have received individual Gold Keys, Silver Keys and Honorable Mentions at the annual Boston Globe Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition.

Art (Photography Club/Camp/Activity Block/Art Class)

  • Zara Ahmed, gr. 8*,  Gold Key, Clean Up! (photography)
  • Navya Garg, gr. 8*, Gold Key, Morning Chores (photography)
  • Michela Giordano, gr. 8*, Gold Key, Nomad (painting)
  • Courtney Magnarelli, gr. 8*, Gold Key, Portrait of Mara (photography)
  • Madison Bairos, gr. 8, Silver Key, Portrait of Jane (photography)
  • Caroline Sciarratta, gr. 8, Silver Key, Window Man (photography)
  • Kathryn Campbell, gr. 8, Honorable Mention, Davis Square Dogs (photography)
  • Navya Garg, gr. 8*, Honorable Mention, Selling Maan Kochu (photography)
  • Courtney Magnarelli, gr. 8*, Honorable Mention, Portrait of an Elder (photography)

*denotes students who created their work as 8th graders but are currently in 9th grade


Grade 7 Awards

Grade 8 Awards

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