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Excitement has been growing over the past few weeks in New England as the Patriots clinched their Super Bowl berth. Having students design their concepts of a winning logo for the Super Bowl is a great way to demonstrate the importance of creativity and art in all aspects of life. This assignment engages all students regardless of their interest in sports. Students in all grades have come up with some pretty amazing designs! 


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Why sneakers?

Diversity is what kept the Spirit of Chuck Taylor sneakers (converse) alive. There is no specific subculture, generation or individual that truly defines Converse All Stars. They do not belong to any particular group or style and thats what makes these sneakers so special and worth drawing. 

The Converse All Star was released in 1917 as a basketball shoe and is still sold today.

Students in 8th Grade worked on creating a composition with the sneakers to draw. They used photoshop to manipulate  the colors they would use in their drawings. Drawings were finished using oil pastels. 


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Students in the MSMS photography Activity Block and after-school Photo Club took part in a portraiture lesson that combined creative elements of digital photography and fine art.  Skills included use of lighting, meaningful composition, and body painting.  In a world that passes judgement based on appearances and increasingly divides us by our differences, students took the project one step further by demonstrating their ethnic pride and cultural diversity by embedding flags of origin into their portraits.  Once the composition was designed, and body painted flags included, images were shot and edited using Photoshop software.  Together, the photos make a powerful display statement, located along the corridor from the main lobby to the cafeteria.  

diversity flags

neeva by lee part 4gabbie large-1

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Congratulations to MSMS 8th grade art  student Gati Aher who received second place in this years State 2015 Arson Watch poster contest.  Gati took first place in  the Middlesex County competition, winning $200 and a plaque. Her second place in the State competition earned her an additional $500 and a trophy.  Gati’s artwork will be featured in the 2016 Arson Watch calendar.

Gati Aher Fire Prevention









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The 2015 Youth Art Month family celebration, sponsored by the Mass. Art Educators Association, was held on Sunday, March 22nd at the State Transportation Building in Boston.  Students from 63 school districts throughout Massachusetts in Grades K-8 were selected by their art teachers to exhibit work (each educator was limited to just 5 pieces of artwork, including Ms. Phillips’ art classes and Ms. Rogers’ Photo Clubbers ).  Congratulations to all students whose work was selected for the exhibit.  Special recognition goes to Marshall Simonds 8th grader, Gati Aher, who was selected for the Sargent Art Oustanding Achievement Award for her cultural self-portrait.   Gati’s prize package includes an all-expense paid trip for her and a parent (AND her art teacher) to NYC, including airfare, hotel, transportation, and museum visits.

The other nine MSMS student artists included Alison Martin, Erin Kerr, Angela Minichiello, Nicole Keddy, Analicia Padilla, Neil Pandit, Sarah Owens, Abby Fennell and Madison Green.

Ms. Rogers and I want to extend our thanks to all the parents who attended the family celebration to support their children and the visual arts.

gati ya-1

youth art month

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MSMS Summer Photo Camp “focuses” on Woburn Center!



After only ONE day of camera and Photoshop orientation in the classroom, MSMS students, taking part in our Summer Photo Camp, took to the streets of Woburn Center to shoot street photography images. Who knew there were so many salons and barbershops in downtown Woburn? The friendliness of barbers made it easy for students to interact with them and their patrons and students were invited inside to do some “shooting”.

Additionally, folks walking around running errands made for excellent photo subjects. After an hour walking up and down the center streets, students returned to the classroom to begin the typical workflow: upload photos, save to desktop folder, preview, select favorites, tweak lighting in Photoshop and/or desaturate, print, email and then format SD card for use the next day!

Today’s blog post features students’ favorite works in black and white.

Pandit's Old Couple

Neil P’s Couple Walking (grade 8)


Madison G’s Getting a Trim (grade 7)

Sarah S’s Barbershop (grade 7)


Julia F’s Dog Walker (grade 9)


Abby F’s Snip, Snip, Snip (grade 7)

Vintage typewriter Golden

Aurora G’s Vintage Cash Register (grade 7)


Jordan C’s Barber Shop Register (grade 9)

barber shop David S

David S’s Waiting for Customers (grade 6)

paras barber pole

Christina P’s Barber Pole (grade 7)


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Congratulations to the following  Middle School  students who were recognized for excellence in the Visual Arts by the  Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards competition.

Marshall Simonds received 7 Gold Keys, 3 Silver and 2 Honorable Mentions .

This year’s exhibition honoring all Gold Key winning work will be held at Boston City Hall in Government Plaza from Friday, March 7 to Sunday, March 30, 2014. Visiting hours will be Monday throughFriday, 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Sara_Owens_Photography_Portrait of Serina

Gold Key Sarah Owens  7th Grade  Photography

Jessica_James_ Photography

Gold Key Jessica James  8th Grade Photography


Benny Grubner  8th Grade  Gold Key  Drawing (oil pastel)

Benny_Grubner_Drawing                                                                                                                                                                                   Gold Key Benny Grubner 8th Grade  Drawing

goose emily

Gold Key Emily Marquis  8th Grade  Photography


Gold Key  Eunice Lee  7Th grade   Drawing


Gold Key Divyansi Pandey  7th Grade  Photography


Silver Key Erin Kriger  8th Grade Photography


Silver Key Ashley Koman  8th Grade Photography

Sarah DONE___

Silver Key  Olivia Virgin   8Th Grade Photography Wignewaran_Vibishan_Drawing

Honorable Mention     Vibishan Wigneswaran  8th Grade  Drawing (oil Pastel)

patrick_Creedon_Photography1                                                                                                                                          Honorable Mention  Patrick Creedon  8th Grade Photography

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