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The Hopeposters that artist Shepard Fairey created during the presidential campaign used an image of Barack Obama that’s based on a photograph taken
for the Associated Press by freelancerMannie Garcia . 
 The AP service says Fairey didn’t get permission to  use the photo as he did.
Obama Poster

Fair use is a legal concept that allows exceptions to copyright law, based on, among other factors, how much of the original is used, what the new work is used for and how the original is affected by the new work. What do you THINK ?  Has Shepard Fairey manipulated the image enough  to claim it his own?  This video will give you an insight of the artist Shepard Fairey.



Mrs.Dinardo has been obamicon. Try it for yourself. This site lets you re-create images in the style of Sheppard Fairey’s famous Obama image. Be creative this does not have to be a self portrait. Use images that have meaning to you. Keep in mind that the word you select is very important to the picture. Save it and bring it to class.Extra credit for sure!! 


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 Congratulations to the following 8th Grade  art students for earning honors in this year’s annual Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards:

Bobby Davison Painting Gold Key
Bobby Davison  Painting   Gold Key  Ms. Phillips


Sara Parker   Painting   Gold Key  Ms. Phillips

Jasmine Smith Digital Photography Gold Key
Jasmine Smith  Digital Photography  Gold Key  Ms. Phillips
Katie Hubbard Computer Imaging

Katie Hubbard Computer Imaging Silver Key Ms. Phillips


Samantha Sweeney Digital Photography Honorable Mention

Samantha Sweeney Digital Photography Honorable Mention Ms. Phillips

Marshall Simonds had a total of 8 works of art  selected from over five thousand entries. Burlington High School recieved 15 awards. Congratulations are extended to all students who had work selected to be reviewed The Exhibition is on display in Boston’s Transportation Building through February. The awards ceremony will be held on Sunday, February 8 at John Hancock Hall in Boston.

Joyce Zhang Oil Pastel  Silver Key

Joyce Zhang Oil Pastel Silver Key Ms. Deardon

Samantha Small Painting Silver Key

Samantha Small Painting Silver Key Ms. Deardon


Trusha Bhatt Sculpture Honarable Mention Ms. Stoner

Trusha Bhatt Sculpture Honorable Mention Ms. Stoner

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