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Happy Halloween

A few weeks ago I went to the  Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Zoo.

The pumpkins were amazing. Here are just a few of the thousands on display.





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School Mural

The seagulls fly no more!  The painting that once greeted visitors as they entered the office at MSMS has been removed.  A big thank you to Archie Fenney,the school custodian, for his help in removing it.  Thanks also to the MSMS P.T.O. for sponsoring this project by providing the necessary supplies. The enormous canvas was stretched with the help of Ms. Stoner. Artists-in-Residence are comprised of students in each art class.  Various staff members have also stopped by on their breaks to pick up the paint brush. Almost forgot…. Thanks Mr. Dexter (MSMS permanent Substitute) for your help in transferring the drawings.

Here is a peek at  our progress.DSCN0299


DSCN0353 DSCN0362

DSCN0262 Mrs. Rogers (Beam Teacher) loves painting on the mural. She claims it  is therapeutic!  DSCN0300

Mrs. Dinardo  ( 6th Grade Language Arts)  shows us her creative side. I think she wants something!


Mrs. DiSipio (8th Grade Social Studies) agrees with Mrs. Rogers and believes painting on

the mural has a  calming  effect. It has been great to see faculty and students working side by side.

I encourage all faculty, staff  and administrators to join in. Don’t worry you cannot mess it up!


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New School Year 2009/2010

There has been plenty to post about but,  no time to actually DO IT!

I will begin by catching you up on all the great things happening in B8.

I returned from summer pleasantly surprised to see 8 Mac computers

from the high school Art Department replacing the relics’ that once crowded the tables in the back of the art room.

The best surprise a new Mac, thank you! Guess all that whining last year paid off.  I do miss one thing about the 

old computers   their ability to store wet paintings!( Just kidding Jose and Bob)

Students have adjusted rather quickly to the Mac and with few  complaints.

8th Grade students have been working on Adobe photoshop creating a personal CD and completing  pencil drawings.


7th Grade Students completed a photo assignment on  alphabet photography, a still life  drawing and are  working on finishing  plaster masks based on venetian  styles.

Brad Project copy

manas purohit

6th Grade  Students began the year working on gray scales to help them identify values.

Students  are presently  working with poster paint . They are  painting parts of their favorite snack food creating a pop art poster. DSCN0396


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