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8th Grade Final Fling 2017

It happens every year: students entering eighth grade start talking about Final Fling and all that 8th grade offers them. The decorations are created in May during Activity Blocks and art classes.  Students vote on their theme and the magic begins. Dancing With The Stars comes to a conclusion and classmates all seem to come together in celebrating moving on to their respective high schools.  This year’s police detail was MSMS alum, Officer Minichiello, who reflected on his Final fling some 30 years ago, commenting that the 2017 version was nothing like he remembered from his 1984 dance!  Ms. Rogers and I have worked together for several years now, providing a photographic memento for students to remember this period of their school lives.

Students worked throughout the day preparing the gym to resemble a tropical paradise. At the end of it all, the gym looked amazing, and all the dance-goers really cleaned-up nicely, as you can see here:


2017 Dancing with the Stars Champions



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Exhibit continues to Expand

Students continue to submit photos for our Diversity Project exhibition. Our intention was to have all photos completed and on display in March, however things just did not work out that way–middle school students are working on their time management skills! I guess you could say that great art takes time. The exhibit continues to grow with these three additions:

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