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Photo Camp Excursion

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Today’s Summer Photo Camp excursion turned out to be a wash (pun intended). We had hoped to make three stops: Sand Sculptures at Revere Beach, Constitution Wharf and lastly, Boston City Market.

We arrived at Revere Beach under torrential rain. We sat in vehicles and watched some of the sculptors setting up their bases, but once the lightening arrived, everyone took cover under their tents. The rain subsided a bit, enough for us to move under the overhangs, but not enough to bring the sand artists back out. Ms. Phillips used the coastline to show students how to take multiple shots of the sea coast while rotating only her body (human tripod); back in the classroom students were given instruction (using Photoshop) on how to perform a photo merge, creating one panoramic photo from the many shots taken (see below).

As Mother Nature was uncooperative, we headed back to MSMS after a short snack run. Our plan for tomorrow is to head quickly back to Revere Beach and spend a brief time shooting the sculptors before returning to MSMS for our last day of camp.

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MSMS Summer Photo Camp “focuses” on Woburn Center!



After only ONE day of camera and Photoshop orientation in the classroom, MSMS students, taking part in our Summer Photo Camp, took to the streets of Woburn Center to shoot street photography images. Who knew there were so many salons and barbershops in downtown Woburn? The friendliness of barbers made it easy for students to interact with them and their patrons and students were invited inside to do some “shooting”.

Additionally, folks walking around running errands made for excellent photo subjects. After an hour walking up and down the center streets, students returned to the classroom to begin the typical workflow: upload photos, save to desktop folder, preview, select favorites, tweak lighting in Photoshop and/or desaturate, print, email and then format SD card for use the next day!

Today’s blog post features students’ favorite works in black and white.

Pandit's Old Couple

Neil P’s Couple Walking (grade 8)


Madison G’s Getting a Trim (grade 7)

Sarah S’s Barbershop (grade 7)


Julia F’s Dog Walker (grade 9)


Abby F’s Snip, Snip, Snip (grade 7)

Vintage typewriter Golden

Aurora G’s Vintage Cash Register (grade 7)


Jordan C’s Barber Shop Register (grade 9)

barber shop David S

David S’s Waiting for Customers (grade 6)

paras barber pole

Christina P’s Barber Pole (grade 7)


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